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May 9: Two works of Geof Huth I stole from his blog today, "The Manifestation of Plenitude" and "Perish/Persist," followed my one of my tamperings:

I thought the first of these one of the best of Geof's fidgetglyphs when I got it on a postcard he sent me. In fact, I told him it deserved to be called a "calligraglyph," rather than disparaged as a "fidgetglyph," as I think I said here (except that I called it then a "Calligraphiglyph," I don't know why, except that I just wasn't thinking). Geof described it on his card as an expression of his poetics, by which he jokingly meant, I believe, that his poetics had nothing to do with words--so not with what I consider poetry. In any case, I take the work as a pure textual illumage, not a visual poem--because it has no words. But it works very nicely as a sort of biological garden full of language evolving, and being beautiful. Nice visual take on the haiku form, too.

Geof indicated no title on his postcard, but called it, "The Manifestation of Plenitude" at his blog, which goes along with my view of it as a garden, a flourishing garden.

The other work is a poem--a juxtaphor of "perish" for "persist," or vice versa. We are always perishing, but we persist, to state its foreburden baldly--long after, I would hope, our far-superior felt understanding of that. To perish (unlike a stone) is to persist to a goal.

I couldn't resist toying with the thing; hence, my sketch of a variation. I have it backwards, though. The bottom word should be "perish"--with "sist" in slanted ascent from it. . . .

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